The Goal

So why am i doing this?

Well it all started with me being a lazy gamer with no plans for the future. But eventually that started to become booring and i continued to play but diden’t get any pleasure from it. I knew something had to change, but i was not sure how I would break my old patterns. Trust me, I know that breaking old patterns are hard and wont happen over night. For me, it took a couple of weeks to get more active, but it took almost 5 years to get from a lazy gamer who did nothing all day the position I am now. 
Where am I now then? Now I have studied programming in university, found a partner, started working out, went from unhealthy 55kg/120lbs to healthy 75kg/165lbs, started mix martial arts, got a well paying job as a programmer and now I have started this blog and created my app. 
So why am I telling you this? Because I’m sure you have som goal in life that you still haven’t reached and you don’t know how to get there. It can be anything, learn to play guitar, be more out going or improving your carrier. If you feel like this is you, you should definitely read this blog and download my app! It wont go over night! But I’m sure that with some work on your part and some assistans from me you will eventually reach your goals and you will feel like you have alot more energy in your every day life to do all kind of fun activities!

To help your start your new life I have made an app that gives you daily challenges! The fun thing is that the daily challenges is shared between everyone in the world! That means you can do the challenge together with a friend.

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